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Lab Members

Pratima AdhikariPratima Adhikari
(Lead Faculty)

Dept. of Poultry Science MS State University

Nelly Cribillero ChuquihuacchaNelly Cribillero Chuquihuaccha
PhD Student (2022-present)

Nelly is a Ph.D. student working in the Adhikari Lab. Her research focuses on understanding the role of various enzymes in gut health and the performance of pullets and layers using several alternative feed ingredients.

Rodney SelfRodney Self
Master's student (2022-2023)

Rodney's research program focuses on the effect of the small and medium chain fatty-acids on coccidiosis immunity.

Ishab PoudelIshab Poudel
M.S. degree December 2020
Current Ph.D. student at MS State University

Ishab Poudel focuses on Salmonella Enteritidis and several dietary interventions (pre-, pro-, and precision biotics) in mature laying hens.

Fozol Korim OviFozol Korim Ovi
PhD Student (2021-present)

Ovi is a Ph.D. candidate working with E.coli and its virulence-assoicated factors related to this bacteria. His project involves an E.coli challenge model in pullets and layers.

Victoria WilliamsVictoria Williams
Graduate Research Assistant (2020-current)

Victoria Williams (Tori) is a graduate research assistant. She is in her Master program in Adhikari lab. Her project is investigating the effect of feeding commercial protease enzyme on egg size, solids and performance in laying hens.

Charis WatersCharis Waters
PhD Student (2023-Present)

Charis's research program is focused on amino acid requirements in different ages of laying hens.

Jill GillumJill Gillum
Undergraduate (2023-Present)


ElsiAnna RodewaldElsiAnna Rodewald
MS Student (2022-Present)


Former Lab Members

Victoria HodgeVictoria Hodge
MS Student (2020-2022)


Alexis TurnipseedAlexis Turnipseed
Undergraduate (2019-2020)

Alexis Turnipseed looked into the role of perch heights on behavioral aspect of laying hens, particularly assessing the perching preference and welfare

Milan SharmaMilan Sharma
MS Student (2018-2020)
Current Ph.D. student at the University of Georgia